100 Children Of Pota Cabin Ashram Fallen Ill In Konta Of Sukma ANN

Sukma News: 100 children of Pedakurti Pota Cabin Ashram in...

Sukma News: 100 children of Pedakurti Pota Cabin Ashram in Konta block have been stirred up after falling ill simultaneously. 17 children have been admitted to the Community Health Center, Dornapal. Other sick children are being treated at Pedakurti Potakabin Ashram itself. It is being told that in the investigation, two children have been found to be dengue positive and 5 children are suffering from malaria. All the sick children are in the age group of 10 to 12 years. There has been a stir at the education department and administration level due to a large number of children falling ill simultaneously. It is a matter of relief that none of the children is seriously ill. But the negligence of the POTA cabin superintendent is clearly visible due to the ill health of the children together.

The employees of Pedakurti Ashram Pota Cabin say that the students studying in Potakabin Ashram run by the Education Department are residents of Sukma and Konta blocks. A few days ago, suddenly the health of some children had deteriorated. The children did not recover after giving the medicine. Gradually, about 100 children started complaining of vomiting and high fever. Seeing the deteriorating health of such a large number of children, investigation was done at Dornapal Community Center. In the investigation, dengue report of two children came positive and more than 5 children have been found to be malaria positive. Other children also have high fever. However, the investigation report of some children is still to come.

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Collector took action on negligence in treatment

It is being told that after deteriorating health, the children were not taken to the Community Health Center at the right time. The condition of the children did not improve with the medicine. Gradually the health of the children started deteriorating and a large number of children started falling ill. Sukma Collector S Harish says that the hospital staff has been instructed to provide better treatment to sick children. Along with this, complete information is also being taken from the Superintendent of Pota Cabin Ashram. The collector has assured to take action if negligence in treatment is confirmed. Sick children are being treated under the supervision of a team of doctors.

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