Contemplation Camp: To deal with the unforeseen crisis facing the Congress, issues like comprehensive reforms in the organization from the national level to the local level and dealing with the politics of polarization will be discussed mainly in the party’s Navsankalp Chintan Shivir and the party will give a clear message that it will What is going to be done next on these issues and other subjects. Highly placed sources of the party gave this information on Wednesday.

Sources said that the ‘Navsankalp’ document that will be released in this ‘Chintan Shivir’ to be held on May 13-15 in Udaipur will be an actionable declaration document related to the steps taken, in which the message will also be given that the alliance at the national level For this it is necessary to have a ‘strong Congress’ and it is important to strengthen the Congress before the alliance. Sources also said that the change in the level of Congress President may not be discussed in this camp as its election has already been announced.

discuss the issue of one family one ticket
In this contemplation camp, 430 leaders in six different groups will discuss on topics related to politics, social justice and empowerment, economy, organisation, farmers and agriculture and youth i.e. about 70 leaders will be involved in each group. The sources also rubbished reports in a section of the media that the Congress may take a decision in this regard after discussing the issue of ‘one family, one ticket’ in this Chintan Shivir.

There can be talk on polarization of groups
A Congress source said, “In the Congress Working Committee meeting recently, party General Secretary Mukul Wasnik mentioned many suggestions from the people before Sonia Gandhi, in which this matter was included, but there has been no discussion on it. According to sources, the politically-related group will mainly discuss about ‘polarisation’ and how to deal with it. Along with this, there will be talk on center-state relations, delimitation in Jammu and Kashmir and some other issues.

Inflation will be discussed after demonetisation and mismanagement of Corona
Sources also said, “The Economic Affairs Group will discuss privatization of government units, inflation, post-demonetisation situation, mismanagement during the Corona period and arrears of GST compensation to the states in the Chintan Shivir,” he said. That the party’s group dealing with social justice will discuss issues related to Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), minorities and women.

Discussion will be held on minimum support price of crops
According to sources, the group related to agriculture will discuss various issues including minimum support price, procurement of wheat, while the group related to youth affairs will brainstorm on issues related to national education policy, education and employment. He also told that the group related to the organization will discuss the reforms and changes in the party from national level to local level organization in the Chintan Shivir and after that it will be clear what to do next.

Appearance change won’t work, effect should be seen
A Congress source said, “The group, with the presence of Digvijay Singh and Priyanka Gandhi, has prepared a complete roadmap to take the organization forward and the programs of the movement. This will also be discussed.” He insisted, “Now ostentatious changes will not work, but such changes have to be made which are visible and have an effect.” He said, today’s situation is unprecedented. There is an unexpected crisis in front of the Congress… In such a situation, we have to give a clear message through this Chintan Shivir about the steps to be taken ahead.

Congress President’s election will be discussed
Asked if there would be any talk of change in the top leadership of the Congress, he said, “The election for the post of Congress President has already been declared. Then what can be said about this? It may be that people there must say that Rahul Gandhi should become the president. By the way, the election is to be held in August-September. After this, the leaders in six different groups will discuss and then the conclusion drawn from it will be approved by the Congress Working Committee on May 15 as a ‘new resolution’. Rahul Gandhi will address the camp on May 15.

Mobile phones will not be allowed to be carried
Sources also say that the leaders who join them during discussions of different groups in Chintan Shivir may not be allowed to carry mobile phones, like in Congress Working Committee meetings. Regarding this, a Congress source said, “It is natural. Many times such things come out in the media in which there is no truth… In the last meeting of the Congress Working Committee, Congress President Sonia Gandhi had also said that whatever happens here, it goes out.

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