A Three Yaer Old Girl Died Because Of Swine Flu A Woman On Ventilator In Yamunanagar Of Haryana

Yamunanagar News: A three-year-old girl died of swine flu in...

Yamunanagar News: A three-year-old girl died of swine flu in Yamunanagar, Haryana. While a woman is on ventilator. He is undergoing treatment at a hospital in Chandigarh. The girl died on 9 August. PGI Chandigarh has now confirmed that the girl died of swine flu. Since then the administration has become alert.

What does the Civil Surgeon have to say

Yamunanagar Civil Surgeon Dr Manjit Singh said that the woman who has been put on ventilator is 43 years old. She is already a heart patient. He is being treated in a private hospital in Chandigarh. He told that the girl who died of swine flu was referred to PGI from a private hospital in the city. The girl was troubled by fever, cough, cold for a long time. According to the civil surgeon, no symptoms have been found in the family of the girl and the woman yet. He said that it is being ascertained as to how both came under the grip of swine flu.

When does swine flu spread?
Usually swine flu spreads in winter. But both these cases have come up in summer. This has raised the concern of doctors. Recently, swine flu patients were also found in Rajasthan. It is an influenza virus. It spreads from one patient to another. There is fever and runny nose, cough and sore throat and difficulty in breathing. There is pain in the joints and in the head. Sometimes blood also comes with sputum. You can protect yourself from this by avoiding handshakes and hugs. Keep a handkerchief over your mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing. Take special care of cleanliness. Wash hands with soap. Drink more and more water. Take doctor’s advice.

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