‘About 150 Terrorists Ready To Enter Jammu And Kashmir By Infiltrating On LoC’, Army Officer’s Big Claim

Army Officer's Big Claim: Across the Line of Control, about...

Army Officer’s Big Claim: Across the Line of Control, about 150 terrorists are sitting ready to infiltrate into Jammu and Kashmir at different launching pads in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), while another 500 to 700 terrorists are undergoing training in 11 training camps. This claim was made by a senior army officer on Saturday. He said that the security forces have successfully foiled an attempt by the terrorists to infiltrate the Valley across the LoC.

Keeping the identity a secret, the army officer said, “500 to 700 people are taking training in terrorism in 11 training camps located near the LoC at Mansera, Kotli and Muzaffarabad.” He told that according to intelligence, the launching made in PoK. About 150 terrorists are sitting on the pad ready to infiltrate into Jammu and Kashmir. So far this year, no infiltration attempt across the LoC has been successful, the official said.

Referring to the killing of foreign terrorists in an encounter with security forces, he said, “Everything has been fine till May. There was a special group that you know about and they were killed in Bandipora and Sopore.” The army official said that the terrorists are now focusing on routes other than those previously identified for infiltration.

possibility of intrusion

“I am not saying that we have put in place a system to ensure zero infiltration. Yes, there is a possibility of infiltration, but the way we have built a strong security wall in recent years, the way we have deployed surveillance equipment, the success rate of infiltration has gone down. “The result is that when pressure builds on one side, they look for alternative routes,” he said. They (terrorists) are now trying to infiltrate through Rajouri-Poonch in South Pir Panjal. There has been less infiltration here (in the Kashmir Valley) as compared to other routes.

Now the infiltration center has largely shifted to South Pir Panjal, the official said. The fact is that there is information that some people are also trying to come through Nepal. He said that the number of terrorists is “at the lowest level as compared to previous years, but this number keeps on changing.” “We have killed more than 50 terrorists in the last 40-42 days. They are doing good for the society,” he said. They are a curse. They remain a challenge and a threat to security. That’s why we are taking steps.

He said, “This number of 100 or 150 will remain until people understand its futility, until people understand what is wrong and what is right. As long as they have their support, they will remain. But once they (people) turn their back on them (terrorists), they will have no way out and automatically their goal of elimination or reduction in numbers will be achieved. ,

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