Abp Bihar’s Operation Hospital: Doctors Remain Absent From Duty At Night At Nawada Sadar Hospital Ann

Nawada: The claim of 24-hour emergency service in Nawada's Sadar...

Nawada: The claim of 24-hour emergency service in Nawada’s Sadar Hospital has completely failed. In the evening, the hospital system becomes weak here. Patients who come with the hope of treatment at night feel disappointed here. Leave the doctor, as soon as the night falls, the employees also start running at their own discretion. When abp Bihar investigated it on Thursday night, many shocking cases came to the fore.

Dhananjay, a resident of Post-mortem Road, reached the hospital with his wife at nine o’clock on Thursday night. There was also a four-month-old child with him, who had high fever. When the couple reached the SNCU ward with the child, there were no doctors there. On being asked, the nurse told that the doctor is not there yet, will come after 10 o’clock. They started waiting. At that time the duty was Dr. Prashant Kumar. According to the duty roster, his duty was from 8 pm to 8 am.

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The nurse called the doctor and informed

After the information about the doctor’s absence, when the media personnel went to the SNCU ward and asked the nurse, he said that the doctor is here, he is coming immediately. After this the nurse started calling the doctor. After some time the doctor reached his chamber. After this, when Dr. Prashant Kumar was asked a question about his absence from duty, he got angry. The doctor said – I have seen all this many times. Everyone knows what duty I do.

Patients have died many times

In fact, many patients have died due to the negligence of the doctors of Sadar Hospital. The family has made such allegations many times. The family members also start making ruckus about this. But even after this no action is being taken against such doctors. This is not the first case of being absent from duty at night, such cases have come to the fore in the past as well.

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