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Lawrence Bishnoi Village: Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi is making a lot...

Lawrence Bishnoi Village: Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi is making a lot of headlines these days in the murder case of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala. Recently he has been brought to Punjab from Delhi’s Tihar Jail. Where on Tuesday, a court has extended the police custody of Lawrence Bishnoi for five days.

At present, in the midst of all this, ABP News has reached Dutaranwali, the village of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi. Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi’s childhood was spent in the streets of this village. Lawrence Bishnoi grew up playing on the land of this village, where no one could have imagined that a boy would come out of his village at such a young age to become the uncrowned king of the world of crime.

The village of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi comes in Fazilka district of Punjab. Today we will know what the residents of Lawrence Bishnoi’s village Dutaranwali think about him and what is the situation in the village right now. Whereas Lawrence Bishnoi, who is believed to be the mastermind of Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala’s murder, says about him. village People…

Question- What to say about Sidhu Musewala’s murder by Bishnoi?

We cannot say anything about the villager-murder. We are seeing what the media is showing about that. If you ask about the rest of the village, then you will tell what is there and what is not.

Question- What is the atmosphere in the village regarding Lawrence Bishnoi, when was the last time he came to the village?

Villager – The last time he came to the village in the year 2011. After that he has no contact in the village. Nobody saw him. He had a good reputation in the village, used to study and play in the village. He was fond of cricket and also used to get farming done.

Question- You are telling that cricket was a hobby and used to study, so how did the boy who studied became a gangster?

Rural – small college time battles which due to involvement in those small battles like college time group and later with the police coming in those cases, he went ahead and today came to this situation that his name is everywhere He started coming and by the way he is not such a boy. Used to play cricket in the village, was totally against drugs. Used to drive, lived with the system. He used to live as normal boys live in the village. He has no quarrel with anyone in the village.

Question- Many stories are coming out about Lawrence Bishnoi that there is an atmosphere of fear in the village about him, so is the whole village scared now?

Villager – Why would the village be scared, he has never told anything to anyone in the village. There are good people in the village. As shown in TV, there is no such thing as his father was a police constable. He has hundred fort land and ancestral property. He is from a very influential house. They also help everyone in the village to the poor.

Question- At this time there is no one in the village which is home?

Villagers – There is a police guard there, the police keep coming and going and there is no member of their family here.

Question- When was the last time you met and what happened when you met, what did he say to do?

Villager – He had no such dreams, he was a normal boy. Chandigarh studied and used to come to the village. He was fond of playing cricket with everyone, used to go for a walk. There was no such thing that he had a good interest in the game of gangster or fighting.

Question- As we talk about the charge sheet of the police, there are more than 50 cases against Lawrence Bishnoi, so does the police of every state come to the village?

Villagers – The rounds of the police keep coming. Sometimes it comes from some state and sometimes it comes from another state. No one is found at his house. Well, the police keep coming and going. Sometimes there are rounds of police from Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan.

Question- Have you ever expected that a boy who plays cricket, looks so smart, will become such a big gangster?

Villager – There was no such thing about him becoming a gangster and there was no such thinking at all. I told you earlier also he was a hobby. He was fond of horses, used to roam on a horse in the village. He had a car, people who keep jeeps now. He used to have 10 years ago. He was fond of Jeep. A good Nawabi was a boy with passion, there was no such thing as to become a gangster or to do it. Was good at sports.

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