Aftab Poonawalla Searched How To Cut Dead Body And Remove Blood Stain On Google After Killing Shraddha

New Delhi: A revelation by the Delhi Police on Monday...

New Delhi: A revelation by the Delhi Police on Monday in Delhi created a sensation. A young man killed his live-in partner and cut her body into 35 pieces and threw it in the forest. The youth was identified as Aftab Poonawala and the deceased girl was identified as Shraddha. The murder came to light when Shraddha’s family lodged a missing report. Everyone was shocked to hear the information given by the Delhi Police in this matter.

When did Shraddha’s murder happen?

After killing Shraddha, Aftab took the help of Google to locate the dead body, remove the blood stains and find out the texture of the human body. After gathering information from Google, he cut Shraddha’s body into 35 pieces in the bathroom of his flat. According to the Delhi Police, Shraddha was murdered by Aftab on May 18.

According to the Delhi Police, after Shraddha’s murder, Aftab started planning to dispose of her dead body. He didn’t make any haste in this. He has told the police that after the murder, he searched Google about human anatomy, so that it would be easier for him to cut the dead body. The police have confiscated Aftab’s phone and laptop. The police have checked his Google search history.

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Delhi Police took action on father’s complaint

Shraddha’s father lodged an FIR on 10 November. On his complaint, Delhi Police arrested Aftab on Saturday. The court has sent him to police custody for five days. Police said that after searching on Google, Aftab had cleaned the traces of blood on the floor with the help of some chemical. After this, he also disposed of the blood stained clothes.

Aftab cut Shraddha’s body into 35 pieces while sitting in the bathroom. To save those pieces from rotting, he brought a fridge of 300 liters. After this, for the next 18 days, he took these pieces to Chhatarpur forest and other places in Delhi and threw them. He used to leave the house at 2-3 in the night to throw these pieces. After throwing away all the pieces of the dead body, Aftab cleaned the fridge. During this, he also kept sleeping in the same room where he cut Shraddha’s body into 35 pieces. The police have also recovered some bones from his house.

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