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Agnipath Scheme: The way RSS volunteers had brought ammunition to...

Agnipath Scheme: The way RSS volunteers had brought ammunition to the battlefield in the 1971 war, in the same way, if any war happens in the future, even after retirement, Agniveer For the service and security of the country. will come to the fore. This is to say of the country’s Minister of State for Defense Ajay Bhatt. In a special conversation with ABP News regarding this plan, he has blamed politics for the violent protests taking place across the country regarding the scheme. Here we are going to introduce you to the special parts of this conversation.

Why are there protests across the country regarding the Agneepath scheme?

The protests and violent demonstrations about the Agneepath scheme are all politically motivated. Whatever schemes Prime Minister Narendra Modi tries to bring or talks about reforms in the country, then the opposition parties start opposing it. When Article 370 was removed in Kashmir, even at that time the opposition parties had said that rivers of blood would flow in the country and a civil-war-like situation would arise. But nothing like this happened. Opposition parties do politics, while we do national policy. We are working to make our country the best nation in the world. Our Prime Minister works for 18-20 hours day and night. He is not doing all this for himself or his family members. They are doing all this for the people of the country. In Agneepath scheme, today 8th pass youth can also become Agniveer in the army, can get employment. We are making the unemployed jobs and nationalists. That is why the anger of the opposition is clearly visible.

Even in the state where you belong, Uttarakhand, youth are now opposing the Agneepath scheme. Farmers’ organizations are also supporting the youth in this protest.

You have seen that the army has issued a notification for Agniveers. Wherever there are recruitment offices, youth can join recruitment by going there. Whoever wants to set the car on fire, set it on fire and the one who wants to join the army will go there. It is clear from the pictures that are coming in TV and newspapers that the people who set fire are 40 years old, not a teenager. Is it clear what their purpose is? We have studied the defense systems of many countries and after that have come up with these plans. The opposition had even raised questions on the surgical strike.

The opposition alleges that the Agneepath scheme has been brought by the government. But the army has been put forward to protect him. Why so ?

If the government has brought the Agneepath scheme, then the government is for the country and the army is also for the country. At the time of Corona epidemic, the doctors of our country came forward and brought the country out of difficult situations.

The announcements that are being made now could not have been done earlier, like reservation in jobs after retirement?

All this was already there. It was decided that there would be reservation in jobs. That is why I appeal to the youth not to get confused on the instructions of political parties.

The way there is a protest across the country regarding the Agniveer scheme, can we believe that any changes can be made in it in the coming time?

Now the question does not arise that the plan should be withdrawn. Because now the recruitment process has started. The exam date has also arrived.

What will you appeal to the youth of the country?

I appeal to the youth of the country to take advantage of the Agneepath scheme and get involved in the service of the country. In the war of 1971, RSS volunteers helped in carrying ammunition, they used to stand at intersections and manage traffic. History is witness that RSS has taken command in many wars. In the same way, our Agniveer will also go into the society by becoming a skill soldier, who will have good discipline. Whether they go to the bank, go to the Coast Guard or in any other job.

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