Agnipath Violence Caused Almost 1000 Crore Damage To Indian Railways, Several Trains Cancelled

Agnipath Voilence Damage to Railways: The government's new scheme of...

Agnipath Voilence Damage to Railways: The government’s new scheme of recruitment in the army ‘Agneepath’ proved to be a litmus test for the railways when the protesters opposing it caused crores of rupees in damage to the Indian Railways. There is an apprehension that property worth Rs 1000 crore has been destroyed in this violence. While the Railways had to bear the loss of its trains, the passengers also had to refund crores of rupees in case of non-completion of the journey.

How much and what kind of loss did the railways
It is being told that the Railways suffered a loss of Rs 1000 crore during the Agneepath violence in the past.
A total of 922 Mail Express trains were completely canceled and 120 trains had to be partially cancelled.
On an average 1200-1500 passengers travel in every train, so the cancellation of about 1044 trains affected the travel of 12 lakh people.
More than 5 lakh PNRs were canceled in the country and about 1.5 lakh passengers had to leave the train midway. (Estimated)
Refund of Rs 70 crore has been returned by the Railways. (Estimated)

Railway cost (per train)
Such a violent protest against the Agneepath scheme took place in the country that 21 trains were burnt in different states and due to this the railways lost crores of rupees. In such a situation, if we talk about its cost, then Mail Express trains usually have 24 coaches. The engine cost is 12 crores, AC coach 2.5 crores and sleeper coach around Rs 2 crores. In this context, a train costs about Rs 30 crore or more to the Railways.

Indian Railways
Indian Railways is one of the largest rail network in the world. Every day thousands of trains are operated by the Railways. It is considered as the lifeline of the life of common people. Due to the cancellation of the train, people have to face a lot of inconvenience. For some time now, there is a huge protest in many parts of the country against the Agneepath scheme for army recruitment. During the demonstration, miscreants set fire to bogies of trains in many states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana etc.

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