Agra Administration Alert After Violence And ADG Meeting With Police Of 8 Districts Also Watching Social Media Ann

UP Violence: In view of the coming Friday in this...

UP Violence: In view of the coming Friday in this week, the police of Agra zone (UP Police) is in full alert. The ADG Zone meeting of the police of all the 8 districts is being held. In other districts including Kanpur and Prayagraj, consultations with the ADG are going on with the police officers regarding the lapse in the spread of violence on Friday. Social media plays a big role in spreading violence, so the social media cells formed at the zone level as well as at the range and district level are keeping a close watch.

What did ADG say?
ADG Zone Rajiv Krishna says that constant dialogue and coordination is being established from religious leaders to influential people of the society. Children were brought forward in the violence of Prayagraj. Regarding that, ADG Zone Rajiv Krishna has made it clear that strict action will be taken against those who want to spoil the environment by keeping children and women behind the scenes.

What is preparation?
Violence was seen in Hathras and Firozabad of Agra zone last Friday. After this violence, swift action is going on towards the police. Sector scheme will be applicable in all districts on Friday. Along with the police, parallel magistrates will also be on duty. Balwa drills are also going on continuously in the police lines to deal with any untoward situation.

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Along with this, the Intelligence Police is in constant touch with its news throughout the day. Police stations have also been instructed to make a list of such suspicious people in their respective police station areas, who can spoil the atmosphere. Information is also being collected about who has come to live in Muslim majority settlements from outside recently. What is the reason for those who are outsiders to come to the city?

stone pelting incident
Drones are also being monitored in sensitive areas to find out if stones have been collected on the roofs. The stone pelting incident that happened on the last two Fridays. It has come to the fore that the stones were deliberately stored and the atmosphere was spoiled the most by attacking these stones at the time of violence. Overall, the coming Friday is quite a challenging day for the police. But the police of Agra zone seems very alert.

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