Ahmedabad After Heavy Rains 207 Dams Filled 40 Percent High Alert Issued For Eights Dam

Ahmedabad Rain: Rain in Ahmedabad has led to an increase...

Ahmedabad Rain: Rain in Ahmedabad has led to an increase of 1,271 million cubic meters (MCM) in water content in 207 dams in the state. In addition, 13 dams are 90 per cent full. The state government on Monday said that altogether 207 dams are 40.27 per cent full. Sardar Sarovar Dam is filled with 45.37 per cent, 4,292.39 MCM water. Eight dams have been put on high alert and seven others have been kept under surveillance. The 207 dams have a combined storage of 19,643.43 MCM. Till July 11, they had 9,372.41 MCM of water.

Many dams of Gujarat are 100% filled
A statement from the Water Supply Department said that eight dams in the state have reached 100 per cent capacity. 18 dams are between 70 per cent and 100 per cent full. 25 dams are between 50 per cent and 70 per cent full. Meanwhile, 101 dams are still less than 25 per cent of their capacity. The government said that the water level of the dams is being monitored especially in those districts where heavy rains are expected.

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These dams are being monitored
The dams being monitored include Kankvati, Jangdia, Mitti and Beraghia in Abdasa, Gajansar in Nakhtarana, Kalaghoda in Mundra, Sanandro and Godhatad in Lakhpat, U-III in Kalawar, Bagad in Mahuva and Dawn in Mandvi.

What do government figures say?
Government data shows that 20 dams in Kutch are 51 per cent full against a capacity of 332.27 MCM. An increase of 333.77 MCM has been registered in 141 dams in Saurashtra. The water in Narmada dam was 114.52 meters before the heavy rains, now it is 115.62 meters.

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