Ahmedabad Doctor Sanket Shah Lost Lakhs In Online Gambling Plot Of His Own Kidnapping 15 Lakh Rupees Demanded From Father

Crime Branch of Ahmedabad Police: The Crime Branch (DCB) of...

Crime Branch of Ahmedabad Police: The Crime Branch (DCB) of Ahmedabad Police has detained a 33-year-old ophthalmologist doctor from Khokhra in Ahmedabad. The doctor reportedly fabricated his own kidnapping story to extort Rs 15 lakh from his father to pay off a loan of several lakhs in an online gambling game. According to the police, the accused Dr. Sanket Shah, who runs an eye hospital near Ghorasar BRTS bus stand in Ahmedabad, allegedly faked her abduction on August 3 and demanded a ransom of Rs 15 lakh from his father.

The doctor himself hatched the plot of his kidnapping
“According to the complainant, his son Dr. Sanket left for office at around 9:45 am on Wednesday and at around 11:15 am he received a call from Sanket’s phone where he heard him shouting ‘Hello hello’. A few minutes later he got another call from Sanket’s phone where an unidentified person said in Hindi that his son was in custody.

Later, a demand of Rs 15 lakh was made through a message warning the doctor’s father not to inform the police. Then through several calls, all were made from the signal’s phone. The caller demanded Rs 15 lakh in cash at the Science City Gate at around 4:15 am.

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What did the Ahmedabad DCB officials say?
Meanwhile, DCB teams were working on the matter and using technical analysis, we nabbed Dr. Sanket from a location in south Bhopal, said a senior police officer of Ahmedabad DCB,” the police said. After losing, Sanket owed Rs 26.5 lakh to his friends.

“In 2017 when Dr. Shah was pursuing his ophthalmologist degree in Bengaluru, he got addicted to a gaming application in which he used to deposit money to play online rummy games,” the official said. Sanket had a loss of Rs 26.5 lakh in betting.

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