Alia Bhatt Mimicry Artist Chandni Mimic Is In Love With Gangubai Kathiawadi Actor Shantanu Maheshwari

Chandni Mimic As Alia Bhatt : These days Alia Bhatt's...

Chandni Mimic As Alia Bhatt : These days Alia Bhatt’s mimic artist Chandni Mimic is very much on social media. Chandni’s videos are very viral on social media and people like it a lot. Chandni makes the mimicry of Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt so tremendous that if you close your eyes and listen only to the voice, then you will be deceived whether it is Chandni speaking or Alia Bhatt.

Chandni wants to date this actor…
Chandni is getting a lot of fame on social media, but she says that fame is what Shahrukh gets, she still lives a simple life. Recently, Chandni talked a lot about her personal and professional life in ABP Uncut. During this, Chandni also told in talks that she likes Bollywood actor and famous choreographer Shantanu Maheshwari. Chandni openly said that she wants to date Shantanu Maheshwari.

I gave my heart to Shantanu Maheshwari…
In the interview, when Chandni was asked if you are dating Shantanu Maheshwari, she blushed. Although she further said, ‘I am not dating him, but I want to date him. These are two different things. I have loved him since the time of ‘Dil Dosti Dance’, but I saw him well in Gangubai Kathiawadi and I was floored. Many of my followers and acquaintances have told this thing to him, but I and he could not date. After this, Chandni jokingly says ‘Shantanu when are we going on a date’, View video.

Let us tell you that Chandni Mimic is very active on social media. 180K people follow him on Insta.

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