Alka Lamba Started Crying Bitterly While Sitting On Ground In Protest Against Agnipath | Agnipath Scheme: Alka Lamba started crying bitterly while sitting on the ground in protest against Agnipath, know

Delhi News: Alka Lamba's high voltage drama has come to...

Delhi News: Alka Lamba’s high voltage drama has come to the fore between the ED’s interrogation of Rahul Gandhi in the National Herald case and the Congress’s protest against the Agneepath scheme. Congress leader Alka Lamba shouted slogans against the Agneepath scheme with women workers on the road and when the police tried to forcibly lift her from there, she burst into tears and was seen getting into a tussle with the policemen. Alka told the policemen that I am sitting comfortably in Gandhi’s country and I do not have AK 47 in my hand. When the police tried to lift her, she lay on the ground.

This allegation was made on the police

Alka Lamba said, “My hands are tied, Bharat Mata ki Jai, Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, are not allowed to do this, in which constitution it is written.” When a lady policeman tried to lift her. So he told the media that look, he tried to break my neck. Now if I turn back the hand of this policeman, then it will be said that Alka Lamba put her hand on the uniform. Congress spokesperson said- We are unarmed. We want to sit here on the road, it is our democratic right. We are being denied our rights. She said that I am not crying for myself. The country is crying because of the two condition of the country.

This government needs treatment – Alka Lamba

Alka further said that my injuries will be cured tomorrow, but what about the injury which has been caused to the constitution and democracy of the country? He said that the army jawan is taking bullets for the country. This government needs treatment. Everyone has the right to raise his voice in a democratic country. Lamba said that today crores of youth of the country are on the road and they are committing suicide, but no one is listening to their voice. His parents thought that the son would go to the border, would be a martyr for the country, would come wrapped in the tricolour. That mother is crying that my son has died.

My whole body has turned blue – Alka Lamba

Alka said that we will go till Jantar Mantar while marching under Satyagraha. He said that the police stopped us outside 24 Akbar Road. we stopped. We were doing satyagraha sitting on the ground, but the police beat us up badly. I cannot tell how women were treated. Alka said that my whole body has turned blue. The DCP asked me to go to the hospital, but I refused him.

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