Alwar Actors Anil Kapoor And Jeremy Renner Shoot Documentary Film On Fluoridated Water ANN

Documentary Film: A documentary film was shot in the Government...

Documentary Film: A documentary film was shot in the Government Higher Secondary School, Laxmangarh, Alwar, located in the town, to purify fluoridated water and make it drinkable. Film star Anil Kapoor and Hollywood’s Jeremy Renner have arrived for this documentary. A portion of the film was shot at the Government Higher Secondary School in Laxmangarh where a lot of excitement was seen among the girl students. The stars also played indigenous games like Langdi Dooj and Pal Dooj with the girl students.

This star reached Alwar

A documentary is being shot here by a foreign NGO. Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner reached Alwar on 16 May. On the other hand, Anil Kapoor reached Alwar in the evening on 17 May. Where he rested the night at Kesroli Fort and reached Laxmangarh at 9 in the morning, where he shot the film. During this, the NGO donated an amount of about ₹ 40 lakh to the school along with a big truck with purifier water machine for the school, which will provide pure fluoride free water to the school every day. All its expenses will be of the NGO.

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There was a crowd on the spot

The film followed suit with the film’s actors Anil Kapoor and Jeremy Renner. At 8:00 am, the film director and all the staff along with the entire team reached the fort school. Tight security arrangements were made from the administration. The shooting of the film lasted till about 4:00. In which along with the students of the school, actors and actresses also participated. A large crowd was present at the shooting site. After the shooting was completed, the film actors left by helicopter.

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