Ambedkar Nagar News: There was a stir after finding about a hundred snakes together in an earthen pot kept in a house in Maduana village of Alapur tehsil area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAmbedkarnagar district. As soon as the news of snake was found, the people around gathered to see the snake. At the same time, someone informed a snake charmer about getting a snake, who reached in no time and took all the snakes with him. There is panic among people due to getting such a large number of snakes together.

Earthen pots were kept in the house for a long time

Rajendra Gaur, a resident of Maduara village of Alapur tehsil area, told that earthen pots were kept in his house for a long time. On Tuesday, his wife went to get the rice kept near the earthen pot, then heard a sound in the earthen pot kept nearby.

Seeing the snake, she got panic and informed about it to other members of the house. After which the information of getting such a large number of snakes spread in the whole village and everyone started coming to see the snake. Somebody informed a snake charmer resident of Achti village who came and caught the snake. Seeing the snake, people got panic.

Forest Department claims the snake was caught and released in the forest

About a hundred snakes were found in the house of Rajendra Kumar Gaur of Maduana village, but different things are being said about where the snakes went. The villagers claim that the snake was taken by a snake charmer and the forest department team that arrived later kept searching for it all day, neither snake nor snake charmer was found. At the same time, the team of the Forest Department claims that the snake charmer has left all the snakes in a safe forest, the snakes found were not venomous.

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