Amroha News Murder Of A 2 Year Old Innocent At The Behest Of A Tantrik ANN

Amroha News: The murder of a 2-year-old innocent has been...

Amroha News: The murder of a 2-year-old innocent has been revealed in the Malakpur village of Amroha, Uttar Pradesh. In which it is being told that the murder of the innocent was done by his aunt at the behest of the tantrik. Accused Aunt Premvati told That she was married 4 years ago and had 3 children but all of them were dead. Accused Premvati met Tantric Naseem, a resident of Amroha. The tantrik trapped the woman in the tantric process and the woman came before the tantrik at the behest of her. Asked to put the goat’s liver on the whole body and then took the liver of the same goat and asked it to be shed in the Ganges.

What is the whole matter?
With this, when the woman came to the tantrik and told the whole thing, the tantrik said that you have to sacrifice a child. Only then your children will be able to live, the accused woman Premvati, under the guise of a tantrik, picked up her husband’s real brother’s 2-year-old son Yash Kumar from the house and first strangled him to death and then taking him to the banks of the Ganges, the accused Premvati broke the Ganges into small pieces. shed the shore. Havan was also done due to Tantra Kriya, which has been disclosed by Amroha Police. The police have opened the secret of the black letter of the tantrik and sent both of them to jail.

Police arrested tantrik and woman
In the case, Superintendent of Police Aditya told that a two-year-old child had gone missing, whose missing was registered. After that, when the child was searched, the police got information that the child’s foot was found in the same village. When the police started investigation, it was found during interrogation that the woman of the house, who would be the aunt of the child, along with Naseem Ali, along with Tantric Vidya, killed the child, first the child was killed at home and then After that, after cutting her leg in the field, Tantric education was done because the first three children of the woman could not survive, so this child was killed at the behest of the tantrik.

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