Angom Bina Devi International Kung Fu Player Selling Fish Financial Issues Manipur Government

Angom Bina Devi international kung fu federation: India's kungfu player...

Angom Bina Devi international kung fu federation: India’s kungfu player Angom Bina Devi has won many maidens at the International and National level. He has hoisted the tricolor abroad many times with his strong performance. But today they are fascinated by grain. Bina is forced to sell fish because of poverty. He has appealed to the Manipur government for financial help. Along with this, she also wants to advance her career. But due to economic weakness, she stayed behind.

Speaking to ANI, Bina Devi said that she has won three gold medals. She has won a medal in the First South Asian Wushu Championship 2018. He said, I have an interest in sports. That’s why I keep my health good. Along with this, I want to encourage the youth towards sports.

Bina is the mother of three children and her husband has passed away. She has been practicing Kungfu since her husband’s death in 2009. After this he won three gold medals in the International Championship. She has also won silver medal. After the death of her husband, she came to her parents’ house. But his family is very poor. So to help the family, he started selling fish.

Bina says that the government is not helping her in any way. He says that he himself spent about 20-30 thousand rupees for the International Championship, but the government did not help him. She said, I have won 7 gold medals at the national level and 5 gold medals at the state level as well.

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