Angry Grandson Thrashed Grandmother To Death In Maharashtra’s Solapur

Grandson killed grandmother in Solapur: A very shocking case has...

Grandson killed grandmother in Solapur: A very shocking case has come to the fore in Solapur, Maharashtra, where a grandson beat up a grandmother who repeatedly rejected the relationship of girls.

The accused confessed his crime in front of the police

The incident is of Adarsh ​​Society of Jodbhavi Peth in Solapur. The grandson wanted to get married as soon as possible, but the grandmother was becoming an obstacle in his way by repeatedly rejecting the relationship, so he removed the grandmother from the path. Whoever heard this incident was astonished. After this incident, the 25-year-old accused was arrested by the police. During interrogation, the accused confessed his crime.

Grandmother had turned down many offers of relationship
Investigation revealed that the deceased Malnabi Hasan Nadaf, a resident of Adarsh ​​Nagar, had called her grandson Salim Nadaf home from Karnataka for marriage. Among the relationships that came for Nadaf, Nadaf also liked some girls, but his grandmother rejected all those relationships. Salim felt that his grandmother would not allow him to get married. Angered by this, Nadaf reached his grandmother on Monday and started quarreling with her. The matter escalated so much that he attacked his grandmother with a stick. He kept on beating his grandmother till she died. While killing Dadi, he kept saying that why don’t you get me married? Why have you called me here from Karnataka?

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