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Anxiety In Young Children: Nowadays, cases of stress and anxiety...

Anxiety In Young Children: Nowadays, cases of stress and anxiety are increasing in children too. Many times, children go into stress and depression if they do not pay proper attention to the children. There are many changes in the nature of children according to age. Many times children start living under so much stress due to studies or any other reason that gradually they go into depression. This adversely affects the behavior, health and education of the children. When children have anxiety, there is a lot of change in their behavior and nature. Such children become irritable or overly calm. Are there signs of anxiety in your child?

Symptoms of Anxiety in Children

  • Lack of concentration in studies and other tasks
  • sleeplessness or nightmares
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss
  • being irritable all day long
  • get angry over small things
  • be surrounded by negative thoughts
  • be upset and restless
  • cry over
  • feel sick
  • stomach and headache

Causes of anxiety in children
1- The nature of children is different, but children who are weak and do not handle stress properly, they can become victims of depression after a long time.
2- If the child is troubled by any serious illness or if any accident has happened to him, then there can be anxiety.
3- Many times children are treated badly by school, family or friends, due to which children can become victims of anxiety.
4- There can be shock after the death of a very special person in the family or an accident with a friend.
5- There were fights in the family. Anxiety can happen if the atmosphere of the house is not right.

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