Are You Worried About The Increasing Obesity Of The Child, Follow These Tips For Good Results

Weight Loss Tips For Kids: Nowadays the problem of obesity...

Weight Loss Tips For Kids: Nowadays the problem of obesity is being seen more in children. The reason behind this is that today children are busy at home on TV or mobile for hours, due to which outdoor activities have reduced and obesity is taking them in their grip. In such a situation, it is very important for parents to understand how to control the weight of their children? Here we are telling you about some such easy measures, which can reduce your child’s obesity.

  • First of all, to reduce the weight of the child, their weight and their body mass index (BMI) Please check.
  • Through BMI, you can know whether your child is overweight or he is a victim of Childhood Obesity.
  • Give the child three main meals and one snack every day. Give nutritious food to food.
  • If the child refrains from eating healthy, then give nutritious things to eat in some other way.
  • Give the child some new dish in the lunch box every day, which should be full of nutrients.
  • Do not include too many sugary beverages like tea, coffee, packaged juices, energy drinks in the diet of the child, they are high in calories.
  • At the time of eating, keep away from the child from all kinds of distractions such as mobile, TV, video games and toys so that the child’s full attention is on the food.
  • Set the baby’s bedtime, because one of the reasons for increasing weight is on time. Sleep Don’t take it either. Nowadays children spend time sitting on the phone or laptop, due to which they are not able to get enough sleep.
  • Include walk and run in their daily routine. Apart from this, get children to exercise or do yoga as well. You can also take help of an expert for this.
  • Make children inculcate the habit of drinking at least 10 to 12 glasses of water. Lack of water will not only keep the body hydrated but also keep weight under control.
  • The more active the children are, the more it will be good for their health, so get the children to do small household chores. Send them to the market for other works like milk, vegetables.

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