Army Chief on Ladakh Standoff: The new Chief of the Indian Army, General Manoj Pandey, has given a statement regarding the ongoing standoff with China. In which he has said that our aim is to restore the status quo before April 2020. The Army Chief talked about finding a solution to the issue through talks, but also said that the Indian Army is ready to deal with any situation.

China wants to maintain border dispute
Army Chief General Manoj Pandey said that we have a strong position and sufficient force is available to deal with any situation. The soldiers have been given guidelines to be firm in their work. He further said that, as a result of talks, troops have withdrawn in some areas, we hope for a solution through dialogue in other areas. On the LAC, our soldiers have maintained deployment on important parts.

Targeting China, the Army Chief said that resolving the border dispute should be the first objective, but China is trying that it wants to maintain this dispute. He said that, as a country we need a ‘whole nation’ approach and in the military sphere, it is to prevent and counter any attempt to change the status quo on the LAC.

Army removed from many areas after talks
General Pandey has taken command of the Army about a week ago. He said that as a result of diplomatic and military talks between the two sides, troops were withdrawn on the north and south banks of Patrol Center 14 at Pangong Lake, Gogra and Galwan. Along with this, he said, “We hope to find a solution through dialogue in other areas as well.”

The standoff in Eastern Ladakh started on 4-5 May 2020 and India has been insisting on restoration of the situation before the standoff. He said the aim is to establish trust and peace between the two sides but it cannot be a “one-sided affair”.

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