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Press Conference on Agnipath: On Tuesday, the three wings of...

Press Conference on Agnipath: On Tuesday, the three wings of the Army, the Army, the Air Force (IAF) and the Navy, once again held a joint press conference regarding the Agnipath Scheme and the recruitment process of Agniveers. Additional Secretary, Department of Military Affairs (DMA), Lieutenant General Anil Puri was also present in this press conference. At the same time, he made it clear that the purpose of bringing the Agneepath scheme is to make the army young, not to reduce the army. The fighting force of the army can never be reduced. Only non-essential means that the tail of the army can be reduced.

Lt Gen Puri, who played an important role in the Agneepath scheme, said that those who want to join the army for jobs should not come. Because recruitment in the army is done for passion and passion. Let us tell you that a few years ago, the then Chief of Army Staff, General Bipin Rawat had also said in a public program that the youth who want to join the army for a job should not come. There can be physically and mentally fit youth in the army who are ready to face challenges like mountains.

Recruitment rules have not changed in Agneepath scheme yet.
He made it clear that to think that Agniveer who will join the army for only four years will have less sense of supreme sacrifice and dedication for the country, is totally wrong. A Regular Soldier and Subedar will stand behind every Agniveer. If anyone tried to run away from the army, then everyone knows what is done to the fugitives in the army. According to Lt Gen Puri, the ongoing recruitment process in the Agneepath scheme has not been changed. The way the Army has been recruited on the basis of All India All Class, it will be the same. The regimental system will continue to remain the same. Present in the press conference, the Adjutant General of the Army, Lt Gen BC Ponnapa made it clear that still 75 percent of the recruitment in the army is on the basis of All India All Class, there are some infantry regiments where the recruitment of the catchment area is more.

Hundreds of hours of meeting took place for Agniveer scheme
In such regiments, recruitments will now be made from places other than the catchment area. In the press conference, Lieutenant Puri told that the Agneepath plan has not been brought in haste. He told that to bring this plan, a total of 150 meetings of 500 hours were held in all the three wings of the army i.e. Army, Air Force and Navy. Apart from this, a total of 60 meetings of 150 hours were held in the Ministry of Defense. Talking about the government level, 44 meetings of total 100 hours were held. In the press conference, he told through a slide that the Agniveer model has been prepared only after studying the armies of countries like America, Britain, Russia, China and Israel.

There is no place in the army for miscreants: Army Chief
On those reports of the media, the Agnipath scheme is a pilot-project and changes can be brought in it in the next 4-5 years, Lieutenant General Puri (Lieutenant General Puri) made it clear that this is being said because at present, 45 thousand firefighters are being recruited in this scheme, but in the coming years this number may reach up to one lakh. While praising the reporting of Agneepath in the last few days, Lt Gen Puri thanked that the amount of rumors and false news circulating on social media regarding the scheme has come down. He once again reiterated that there is no place in the army for miscreants.

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