Arrested IAS Officer Sanjay Popli Says I Am Eye Witness My Son Was Shot | Arrested IAS: ‘I myself am an eyewitness, shot my son in front of me’

My Son Shot Dead: Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Sanjay...

My Son Shot Dead: Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Sanjay Popli, who was arrested on charges of corruption, on Saturday alleged that his son was murdered by the Vigilance Department. He is an eyewitness to this incident. “I am an eyewitness to this incident,” Popley said. They (police officers) are taking me away… they shot my son.” While his family has claimed that he has been murdered.

Karthik Popli’s mother said, “They tortured my child and killed him. They tortured my domestic help for proof. The entire Vigilance Bureau and DSP are under pressure from the Chief Minister. This is how they are killing people.” ” The incident comes days after the Punjab Vigilance Bureau arrested IAS officer Popli and his accomplice on corruption charges. Anu Preet Kular, a relative of Sanjay Popli, alleged that “people from the Vigilance Department killed him”.

Vigilance went upstairs with son and then…
The Vigilance team asked Sanjay Popli to sign something else it would not be good for his son. They locked him in a room and took his son upstairs. We were standing downstairs and after sometime we heard gunshots. Vigilance men killed him.” While SSP Kuldeep Chahal said that the boy allegedly shot himself in the head with his father’s licensed pistol.

shot himself with father’s licensed gun
SSP Chahal said, the Vigilance team had reached the house of IAS Sanjay Popli for questioning, during which they heard the sound of firing. When they reached the top, it was learned that Popli’s son had shot himself with his father’s licensed gun and was taken to the hospital. Where the doctors declared him dead. The Vigilance Department of Punjab on Saturday recovered over 12 kg of gold, among other items, from the house of arrested Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Sanjay Popli.

12 kg gold recovered from Popli’s house
The Vigilance Department said, four days after the arrest of Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Sanjay Popali in a corruption case, the Vigilance Bureau on Saturday recovered 12 kg of gold, 3 kg from the store room. kg of silver, four Apple iPhones, one Samsung Fold phone and two Samsung smartwatches were recovered. Popli’s house is in Sector 11 of Chandigarh. IAS officer Sanjay Popli was arrested on June 20 for demanding one per cent commission as a bribe of Rs 7 lakh for clearing tenders for laying sewage pipeline in Nawanshahr. His partner Sandeep Vats has also been arrested from Jalandhar.

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