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Azamgarh Bypoll: The Lok Sabha by-election in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh...

Azamgarh Bypoll: The Lok Sabha by-election in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh is being considered a direct contest between SP candidate Asim Raja and Ghanshyam Singh Lodhi of BJP, but SP leader Azam Khan (Azam Khan). Congress is the target. The arrows of his words are being showered on the Congress party. Azam is taking a dig at the Nawab family, who belong to the Congress, from Sanjay Gandhi. From Azam Khan’s statements, it seems as if not Asim but Azam himself is in the fray in these elections and he is competing with the Nawab family. All this is when the Congress has not even declared its candidate from here, but now gradually the atmosphere is being created about the preparations for the Lok Sabha elections to be held in 2024 after two years.

Remembering the emergency, Azam Khan said
Referring to the cases against him, SP leader Azam Khan said that despite putting so many cases together, the Hukum could not sue me for corruption, dishonesty and bribery. Don’t know how many people would have been well, tough decisions would have been taken, some would like it and some would not like it. Politics did not start in a very good atmosphere. Emergency was imposed in the country, at that time I was also arrested and went to jail in Aligarh. He said that it is a coincidence of my luck that even when life started, it was very strict and when life is still in this condition, the test is very strict. Even then, I was kept for 40 days in such a cell which was high in the ground and had only the space of skylight and the famous robber Sundar was kept in this cell.

Congress accused of atrocities

Azam said that I did not know why the Congress party or the government did this at that time. Recalling the old days, he said that within two and a half years, people forgot the tyranny of the Emergency on themselves. Seeing the Turkman Gate, Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s son said that I could not tolerate this small Pakistan. The result was that in the name of patriotism, the road to Turkman Gate was bathed in blood. He said that I do not want to be reminded of those wounds after half a century has passed. I always said that the owner says do justice to the people of the land, the people of the land. If you do not do justice, then we will do justice. Which you can’t tolerate. Do you know what happened to Mrs Gandhi’s son who committed every atrocity in the name of sterilization, blew up from the ship and when he fell on the ground, the mother could not even recognize the face of the son.

Said this thing about Indira Gandhi
Azam said, there is a fundamental difference in the jail of Emergency and in this era, despite the Emergency being there, there was hope that democracy would return in the country. Jayaprakash Narayan gave a revolutionary slogan that those who could not give justice to humans, they should change the Nizam and at his behest, the politics of India was overthrown. The politics of India changed in such a way that the Congress was wiped out from India. Mrs Gandhi lost the election. It was agreed in the Parliament that Mrs. Indira Gandhi should be punished severely. The passport of Mrs. Indira Gandhi was confiscated.

History will remember this atrocity
Azam Khan said that history will remember the oppression, will also remember the bloodthirsty and will also remember the one who has suffered the oppression. The one who suffers oppression is a greater sinner than the one who commits oppression. You have also committed this crime. Even when the lock of our mosque was open, an injustice was done. But what happened after that, what happened to Mrs Gandhi. What happened to another Wazire Azam, so I want to tell you that if you do not protect democracy, then the bloodthirsty will become so powerful that they will not even let you breathe.

clarified on the allegations against himself

Azam said that it is not only about the victory of Rampur and Azamgarh. It won’t make any difference, but you have lost the seat of Bilaspur. You have put a blot on our face. For what were we in jail, for what we were called mafia. Some 1 inch of land is in our name, ED officers investigated us in jail for 5 days and asked us, tell us how many accounts you have abroad, asked us how many hotels you have abroad, how many rooms are there. The Government of India is asking this question to one of your mystic man who lives inside the street, tell me how much property do you have in the world. I said that I am neither angry nor sorry for your questions, but I am ashamed of where I was born.

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Beggars have come to ask for votes
Azam Khan said that today I have come again to you, many come to you always to ask. By becoming a beggar, sometimes for yourself, sometimes for your loved ones. We had to win the parliamentary seat by three and a half lakh votes, but as a result of the strictness and atrocities committed by the arrangements, our victory was reduced to one and a half lakh. Two lakh votes were looted from us. We say today, fight the elections honestly, if any leader of the country comes against us, then take off our heads if we lose. He said that if democracy does not survive, humanity will not survive, humans will not have the right to live.

The central government was also targeted
Azam Khan said that he does not tolerate, one cannot walk in a train, cannot sit in a bus, cannot travel. Can’t reveal my identity Can’t reveal my name Peshwas of religion are insulted. This is humanity. In this way we will become world gurus, by insulting Prophet Islam, we will become world gurus. The world is being destroyed and we do not take lessons from him. We don’t learn from the war between Russia and Ukraine. We don’t take lessons from how China has occupied us, we don’t fight with the enemy, we fight brother to brother.

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