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UP News: There is still two years left for the...

UP News: There is still two years left for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. While other political parties are busy solving their problems, the BJP has also started working on its strategy for 2024. In the training camp of BJP held for three days in Chitrakoot, according to the strategy that has been decided for 2024, today CM Yogi Adityanath has made the election conch shell from Azamgarh.

Image of Azamgarh changed in five years – CM Yogi

In the three-day training camp of BJP in Chitrakoot, the most discussed was how BJP will win 80 Lok Sabha seats in Uttar Pradesh in 2024 and a complete plan has also been prepared for this. According to the strategy prepared by the BJP, its focus will be on those seats and those booths where it has been weak so far. Apart from this, the strategy that the party has made for PMDY i.e. Pasmanda Muslim Dalit Yadav is now preparing to go among them and join them with them. The results of the by-elections in Azamgarh are about one and a half months to come and in such a situation, today CM Yogi Adityanath himself reached Azamgarh and thanked Azamgarh for getting the victory. CM also inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of schemes worth 150 crores here. He also told how in five years his government has also worked to change the image of Azamgarh in the whole country.

Azamgarh BJP’s first floor

There is also a message behind the CM going to Azamgarh and thanking the people there because Azamgarh fits perfectly in the strategy the party has prepared. Here Pasmanda Muslim Dalit and Yadav community has the highest vote and the strategy of the party is also to bring them with them in 2024. That is why when the CM reached there after the victory of Azamgarh election, he not only gave a gift to Azamgarh but also clearly said how his government has developed Azamgarh, it is believed that soon CM Rampur also visited and will give similar gifts there too. The inauguration and foundation stone have been done in many districts before, but this time Azamgarh’s gift becomes special because it is a return gift of victory and somewhere for 2024, the path to victory is being prepared. Azamgarh is his first destination.

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Why Azamgarh is important for BJP

Uttar Pradesh Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya says that BJP works for every caste and therefore whether it is Pasmanda Muslim Samaj, Jatav Samaj or Yadav Samaj, they are also now feeling that if someone works then he is BJP. And that’s why he is saying that this time in 2024, BJP will get their support and BJP will win all seats in Uttar Pradesh. BJP won the Lok Sabha by-election held in Azamgarh, but all 10 assembly seats of Azamgarh are in the possession of Samajwadi Party and that is why BJP has started its 2024 mission from Azamgarh itself because it knows that in 2024 Lok Sabha elections. How important is this seat for him and the goal of his mission 80 will be fulfilled only if this winning streak continues on this seat.

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