Balrampur Son Kills Mother While Intoxicated For Reusing Money Police Sent Jail On Wife Complaint ANN

Balrampur Crime News: In Balrampur district, the son killed the...

Balrampur Crime News: In Balrampur district, the son killed the mother with an ax. Kalyugi son committed the crime under the influence of alcohol. The accused was demanding money from the mother. The son got angry on the matter of the mother not having money and attacked him with an ax and put him to death. After carrying out the incident, the accused son fled from the spot. The next morning the wife of the accused lodged a report against the husband in the police station. Taking action, the police arrested the accused son. The matter is of Rajpur police station area.

Drunk son kills mother with an ax

It is said that Kondwa Korwa, a resident of Gram Panchayat Paharkhaduwa, is a habitual alcoholic. On Wednesday, mother and wife had gone for work. The son was drinking alcohol while sitting alone at home. On returning home from work in the evening, mother and wife started demanding money. On the demand of the drunken son, the mother replied that the wages money has not been received yet. Will give money on getting wages on Sunday. Kondwa Korwa did not like the mother’s words. In anger, first beat the wife and then attacked the mother with an ax.

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The mother died on the spot due to the ax attack. After committing the crime, the accused ran away from the Kondwa Korwa house in the night itself. The next morning the wife reached Rajpur police station and lodged a report against the husband. Based on the report, the police started searching for the accused. Soon the accused son was caught by the police. The accused has been sent to jail on judicial remand after registering a case of section 302.

Police caught on wife’s FIR

Investigator Ashwini Pandey told that today Sunita Korwa had lodged an FIR in the police station. The wife told that husband Kondwa Korwa demanded money from the mother at around 10 pm on 24 August. Mother talked about getting wages on Sunday. On hearing the answer of the mother, Kondwa Korwa got angry and attacked with an ax. The mother died of ax injury. the accused has been arrested. He further told that the accused was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident. The son has killed the mother only after not giving the money.

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