Bank Holidays In October Will Banks Really Be Closed For 21 Days This Month Know The Truth Of The News Here Ann

Bank Holidays News: Will banks really be closed for 21...

Bank Holidays News: Will banks really be closed for 21 days in the month of October? If you want to know the correct answer to this, then you have to read this news completely. In fact, these days the news is being circulated in the media that banks will be open only for 10 days in the month of October. Banks will remain closed for the remaining 21 days. Bank employees have given important information to ABP News regarding this. Bank employees have told that this month only 9 days bank employees are getting leave. This includes routine holidays. That is, common citizens do not need to worry about the work of the bank.

Information about the bank being closed for 21 days is misleading

Actually, the festival season has started with the month of October. There is a festival of Navratri in the end of September and beginning of October and Dussehra Vijay Dashami will be celebrated on 5th October. Therefore, all banks and government offices across the country will remain closed on this day. At the same time, at the end of the month, on October 24, bank employees will get a day off for Diwali. Apart from the routine leave, the bank employees are getting two days extra leave.

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Government holiday this month will be for only 9 days

Bank workers have become angry on the 21-day bank holiday in the media going on in October. State Secretary of All India Bank Officers Federation Y Gopalakrishna told ABP News that misleading news of 21 days holiday is being circulated in the media. This time bank employees are getting only 2 days extra leave in addition to the routine leave. In the month of October, there will be a holiday on the second and fourth Saturdays with 5 Sundays which would have been every month. That is, overall there will be a 9-day holiday, the banks will be open for the rest of the day.

bank will not work

Y Gopalakrishna said that the bank was not closed even at the time of Corona when the whole country was under lockdown. Due to this many of our colleagues also lost their lives. During the Corona period, even for the announcement of giving 500 rupees from the central government, the bank workers have made the payment of Jan Dhan account in the inaccessible to the inaccessible place, but even after this, the bankers are being maligned. The work of the bank will not be affected.

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