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UP News: There is Agri Junction i.e. Trained Agriculture Entrepreneur...

UP News: There is Agri Junction i.e. Trained Agriculture Entrepreneur Swavalamban Scheme for the youth in the Agriculture Department of the Government of Uttar Pradesh. The benefit of this scheme is given to the eligible youth in every development block of the state. In all the districts of the state, the Deputy Director Agriculture nominates the youth for this scheme by taking the application form. The purpose of the government behind running this scheme is to make the youth entrepreneurs. At the same time, it is alleged that in Barabanki district, along with other employees, the Deputy Director of Agriculture has done a scam of crores in this scheme.

Deputy director made billions of assets in the name of his wife

It is alleged that the Deputy Director, with the help of his babus, weaved such a web that crores of grants received by the government under the scheme were not sent to the account of the actual entitled youth but were transferred to the account of the driver and others of the employees of the department. After this he made his name. He also earned black money by playing big in schemes like farm school and associate farmer operated under the Atma scheme and also made his own wealth in the district. Not only this, this officer bought land worth billions in the name of his wife and also took a grant of lakhs on it from many government schemes. This entire feat of the office of the Deputy Director of Agriculture has been exposed by a person. Along with this, CM Yogi Adityanath has also sent his complaint through IGRS.

Farmer exposed the scam

The whole matter is related to the Deputy Director Agriculture Office of Barabanki district. Where an officer named Anil Sagar, while holding the post of Deputy Director of Agriculture, himself digested the money of many schemes of the government. A Babu named Prabal Pratap Singh posted in this Deputy Director Agriculture Office, who has been posted on the same table for 10 years, is being told the real player of this whole mess. This is also a open disregard for the CM Yogi order. Because there is a clear order of the CM that no babu of any department can remain posted on one table for more than three years. Although Anil Sagar, who was in Barabanki as Deputy Director Agriculture for almost five years, has been transferred a few months before this revelation and he is currently posted as Deputy Director Agriculture Defense at Krishi Bhawan Lucknow Headquarters, but in government schemes. The disclosure of the exploits of this scam official has created a stir in the entire district. Let us tell you that Sunil Kumar, a farmer from Barabanki district, has disclosed the scam of the department’s schemes with full evidence. Not only this, Sunil Kumar has also brought this whole matter to CM Yogi Adityanath through IGRS.

This type of scheme is available in Agri Junction

In fact, in the Agri Junction scheme, the government helps the youth of four lakh rupees. In this, he has to invest 50 thousand rupees himself, while a loan of three and a half lakh rupees is given from the bank. The government also gives a grant of 42 thousand rupees on the interest on the loan of three and a half lakh rupees. Along with this, the government also pays Rs 12000 per month as rent of Rs 1000 per month for his shop. Under the scheme, the selected are also given licenses for fertilizers, seeds and medicines free of cost, that is, apart from the loan of three and a half lakh rupees received from the bank, the amount of grant of about 50 to 60 thousand rupees has been given by this babu to others including his driver. Transferred to account.

Dhan Kuber became a simple salary earner

Similarly, 36 thousand rupees received from the farm school scheme operated under the Atma scheme and 12 thousand rupees in allied agriculture, apart from distributing the grants of many other schemes among their loved ones, reached their master i.e. Anil Sagar. Not only this, Prabal Pratap Singh also transferred lakhs of rupees by registering his own accounts on the portal of the Agriculture Department. In the same way, this babu, who got a simple salary by distributing the government money, also became a Kubera of black money and at this time has made property worth crores in the district. Apart from this, Anil Sagar also made property worth billions in the name of his wife Archana Sagar in the district, on which he also got a government grant of lakhs. Not only this, crores of rupees were also deposited in the account of other babus of the office under the protection of Anil Sagar. which is the subject of investigation.

Anil Sagar, the official who digested government money, has built a magnificent farm house of about 36 bighas in Malauli village of Ramnagar tehsil area of ​​Barabanki district in the name of his wife Archana Sagar, in which fisheries are getting done by taking a grant of about 30 lakhs from the Department of Fisheries. . Along with this, solar pump was also installed by taking grant from Agriculture Department and Anil Sagar has also received three installments of Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi in the name of his wife which is totally against the rules.

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At the same time, on all these disclosures, the current Deputy Director of Agriculture, Barabanki, Shravan Kumar said that he has received a complaint and an explanation has been sought from the employee concerned. On the other hand, regarding Anil Sagar, he said that he is his counterpart officer, so Sunil Kumar has sent the complaint letter to the Chief Minister. The government will conduct an inquiry on it. After that, whoever comes out in that investigation will come out. Action will be taken accordingly. At the same time, Ramesh Chandra, an officer of the fisheries department, told that the one who has his own land can take a grant from his department. In this sequence, Archana Sagar, wife of Anil Sagar, has also applied online and made a grant of 30 lakhs for fish farming.

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