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Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak, who reached Bareilly in Uttar...

Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak, who reached Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, suddenly inspected the District Hospital, Police Hospital and Urban Health Center on Saturday, then the health department polled. opened. Many responsible have been blamed for finding huge irregularities at all three places. In the district hospital where a patient was suffering outside the hospital for 3 days, he was not admitted.

order to suspend many
On the other hand, due to the hanging of the locks on the urban health center and police hospital built in the police line, his mercury rose and he ordered the suspension of other irresponsible doctors, pharmacists and other irresponsible people on the spot. He also reprimanded the CMO and CMS fiercely. On the other hand, Bareilly’s CMO Balbir Singh can also be blamed for negligence.

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A fierce target on SP
Actually Deputy CM Brijesh Pathak was on Bareilly tour. He joined the IMA Hall in the program of Emergency, where he targeted the Congress and the Samajwadi Party fiercely, while also honored the defenders of democracy. During this, while addressing everyone from the stage, he said that at present the Samajwadi Party you hear talking about is not the real Samajwadi Party. The real socialist was in the time of emergency.

SP family’s party-Deputy CM
Brajesh Pathak further said, the leaders of that time were Acharya Narendra Dev and Rajnarayan ji, but these people worked to bring the Samajwadi Party into one family and gave the message in the state that there are socialists, whereas the biggest main objective of the Samajwadi Party is that No one will be its head. No one will inherit the property while SP has become a family party.

what about congress
Brajesh Pathak said, the freedom struggle of the country was fought under the leadership of the Congress party and Mahatma Gandhi used to be its head. The people of the country understood that the Congress party fought for freedom and its leader was considered as Mahatma Gandhi, but the Congress closed the work of Mahatma Gandhi in the lock and put his name in front of its name, the innocent people of this country. By misguiding him, he worked to occupy power.

Congress is a group of power hungry people – Deputy CM
Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak said that during the Emergency, the then police of the Congress Party had given more torture to the people during the Emergency than what the British had given to the people in the freedom struggle. The nails of the hand were removed from the place and pepper was filled in it. It was common to use sticks. There was an outcry in the country. Congress is a group of power hungry people.

Akhilesh occupied the chair by pushing his father – Deputy CM
The Deputy CM said, we had earlier heard the Mughals that they used to push their father and sit on the chair. In the Mughal era, father and brother used to sit on the chair by cutting their neck, but in SP, Akhilesh Yadav occupied the chair by pushing the father. Taking a jibe at Congress, Brajesh Pathak said that go to the Congress party and ask who will be the next national president, then people will say that when Rahul ji gets married, his son will grow up to become the national president, or Priyanka Gandhi ji can also bet. Is. Same is the case with Shiv Sena.

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