Bastar News: For the first time in the country, Surrender has become a hub for Naxalites and Naxal victims. The hub has been built in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh. Surrender Naxalites and families of Naxal victims will be able to live in the hub built in about 30 acres. Complexes, training centers will also be built to provide livelihood and employment opportunities. The hub is being named after Shaheed Mahendra Karma Colony.

CM Baghel will inaugurate Lone Varra to Hub on May 20

The police is getting success in the campaign being run against the Naxalites in Bastar. In all Naxal affected districts, local Naxalites as well as outside Naxalites are being given a chance to surrender. Lone Varratu Abhiyan (Come Back Home) has been started in Dantewada since last one year. So far more than 500 Naxalites have surrendered under the Lone Varra To campaign. In order to give the benefit of rehabilitation policy to the Naxalites, a loan of about 3 crore has been made from the special central assistance item. Lone Varra to Hub has been built near Dantewada city. Surrender Naxalites and Naxal victims families will get better living facilities in every way in the hub being prepared for the last one and a half years. The model of providing employment to Naxal affected people at one place has been prepared in the state of Chhattisgarh itself. Dantewada SP Siddharth Tiwari said that on May 20, the Chief Minister of the state Bhupesh Baghel will inaugurate the Lone Verra to Hub.

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From housing to employment at one place

Dantewada Collector Deepak Soni told that the process of allotment of houses has been started in the premises under the committee. In case of more applications, the selection will be done by lottery method. If the number of applications is less, the remaining accommodation will be surrendered to the Naxalites. From housing to employment will also be given at the same place. The Collector said that the Naxal victims and surrendered Naxalites living in the premises will be linked with all the schemes of the government. The 30-acre township will have 36 houses, 20 shops, 20 sheds, roads, gardens, parking and water facilities and an Anganwadi center will also be built. 86 applications have been received for 36 houses built in Varratu Hub. Rules for getting accommodation have also been made. In the rules, priority is being given to the families of Naxal victims. It is being told that the house will be allotted for 3 years. Any member of the family will have to vacate the house after one month after joining government service and allotment of government accommodation. There is a lot of happiness among the Naxal victims families and surrendered Naxalites from the ready hub.

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