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Roka Cheka Campaign in Bastar: The 'Roka Cheka Abhiyan' has...

Roka Cheka Campaign in Bastar: The ‘Roka Cheka Abhiyan’ has been reduced to paper in Bastar. In the initial days of the campaign, the Municipal Corporation had shown great enthusiasm. Cattle roaming on the roads were caught and taken to Kanji House, but now the campaign has come to a complete standstill for the past few years. The roaming cattle are seen along the main roads of the city in many wards and especially in the markets. Alam is that due to the presence of cattle on the roads, accidents are happening every day and cattle are also losing their lives.

Cars of Cow Catcher are not seen on the roads

Three years ago, the state government started the Roka Cheka campaign with great fanfare. The guidelines were issued by the Ministry of Urban Administration and Development. In the initial months, Cow Catcher vehicles of Jagdalpur Municipal Corporation were seen on the roads and markets. Cattle roaming from the roads were caught and taken to Kanji House, but now the cow catcher is not visible even in the corporation area and national highway. To prevent cattle from coming on the road, a provision was made to collect fine from the owners.

According to the information, there was a fine of 350 on the cattle owners. It was seen that most of the milch cattle owners showed interest in taking the cattle by paying the fine. The rest of the cattle owners did not even come to see the Kanji House. A few years ago, cattle auctions were also conducted two or three times. But now a large number of cattle are roaming on the roads. The corporation is not taking concrete action against the cattle owners.

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The opposition told that the campaign was a flop

The opposition has also called the ambitious plan of the government a complete failure. Former Jagdalpur MLA and senior BJP leader Santosh Bafna said that the Roka Cheka campaign of the state government in Jagdalpur as well as in the entire state is a complete failure. Gothan and Kanji House were built by spending crores of rupees to look after the cattle, but no arrangement has been made to keep the cows and neither does the cow live in the Kanji House.

Although in the matter, Mayor Safira Sahu says that the corporation administration is catching the cattle roaming in the urban area through cow catcher and keeping them in the Kanji House, but despite many persuasion, the cattle owners are not following the rules. This time, after warning the cattle owners, action will be taken along with recovery of fine. At present, the complaint about Kanji House will be removed.

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