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Uttar Pradesh News: The dead body of a woman was...

Uttar Pradesh News: The dead body of a woman was found buried in the soil near the Saryu canal near the village of Mauri Parasi under Sonaha police station area in Basti, Uttar Pradesh. Police is busy in identifying the dead body. The women and children of the village, who went to graze the goat, expressed the apprehension of something untoward after seeing the hair. When the people of the village reached, they saw that the dead body was buried near the canal. His hair was lying on the side on top of the soil. The villagers informed about this to the dial 112 and the police of the police station. Inspector Shashank Shekhar Rai, who reached the spot, and Manjit Kumar of the forensic team got the body out of the grave. The head was separated from the torso. A lot of salt was kept there by tying the dead body in a sari.

suspicion of murder
According to the police, the body is 60 percent decomposed. The woman was wearing lower and shoots. A red dupatta has been recovered from there. Police officials said that efforts are on to identify the body. At the same time, apprehensions were expressed by the people that after killing the woman, her body was hurriedly hidden in the minor by the killers. The place where the body was hidden is between Basdila and Siswa Baruar village. People don’t keep coming and going there.

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did not tell the police
If there was no time for sowing of paddy, nothing would have been known about it. It is discussed that people had come to know about this in the morning itself, but due to fear, the police was not informed. After seeing the dead body, people kept whispering to each other for a long time. Police Officer Rudhauli Ambika Ram and forensic team also reached the spot and questioned people about the incident and collected important evidence.

What did ASP say?
ASP Deependra Chaudhary told that, on the basis of the clothes, it looks like a skeleton of a woman. Its death must have happened 15 to 20 days ago. It is feared that some people may have killed the dead body in the minor. Police is investigating at all points.

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