Bengal SSC Scam: ED Raids In Another Flat Of Arpita Mukherjee In Kolkata Partha Chatterjee Hearing Today

ED Action Against Arpita Mukherjee and Partha Chatterjee: Arpita Mukherjee...

ED Action Against Arpita Mukherjee and Partha Chatterjee: Arpita Mukherjee and Partha Chatterjee, accused of West Bengal teacher recruitment scam, are to appear in the court today. The ED on Thursday raided another hideout of Arpita Mukherjee. The ED raided another flat of Arpita on Panditia Road in Kolkata, but had to face a lot of difficulty in opening a door. The door lock was not opening. It is being told that this door of the flat is made in China. The local locksmith had to be called to open it.

The locksmith told the media that the steel door was brought from China and was installed by his men. When asked how he can claim that the door is made in China, he said that he used to provide such services, so is familiar with it. It is being told that the ED officials also contacted the local police. ED officials told the problem to Kolkata South police officer Ravinder Sarovar. The ED officials told the police officer that they have not been able to carry out the investigation properly in the house on Panditia Road.

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Arpita and Parth are so close

Let us inform that the ministers sacked from the Mamata government of Bengal, Partha Chatterjee and Arpita Mukherjee are close since 2012. Both are accused of money laundering in the teacher recruitment scam. So far, ED has recovered crores of rupees, gold and silver ornaments and gold bricks from Arpita’s hideouts. Rs. Partha Chatterjee is being told. Both Arpita and Parth are in the custody of the ED and they are being questioned at the CGO Complex of the ED office in Kolkata.

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