Mango Eating Tips: Everyone likes mango food. Most of the people wait for the summer season only for this sweet and juicy fruit. Otherwise who likes the scorching sun and the scorching heat! Mango is such a delicious fruit, which when eaten raw or after ripening, it gives many benefits to the body when eaten in both the ways. If mango is eaten in the right way, it protects from heatstroke and the effects of heat. But if a small mistake is made in eating it, then due to this the heat in the body can increase. Then the problem of prickly heat, pimple-boils and rashes can bother you. Know here, the right way to eat mangoes…

This is the right way to eat mango

Mango is such a fruit, whose effect is hot, but if it is eaten in the right way, it works to increase the coolness in the body. You have to eat ripe mangoes by cutting or sucking or making juice and drinking it. Soak them in water for 2 to 3 hours before using them. By doing this, the hot effect of these mangoes improves and the effect of insecticide applied on them is less. If mango is consumed without soaking it in water, then many types of problems can happen to the body.

  • getting prickly- Eating mango in the wrong way can increase the problem of getting prickly heat.
  • pimple- Mango eaten without soaking in the body
  • loose motion- If you do not eat mango in the right way, you may have a problem of loose motion.
  • having acidity- Consuming mango without soaking it in water can cause acidity.
  • mouth swell- Some people start having problems of ripening on the sides of the mouth or under the lips after eating mangoes. This is due to the sticky substance coming out of the mango stalk. In colloquial language, this liquid is called chip. To avoid this problem, soak mango in water before eating.

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