Bharatpur News: After seven rounds in Bharatpur, two sisters were left by their in-laws for dowry. The incident is of Sikandra village of Bayana police station area. There was an atmosphere of happiness everywhere in the marriage of two cousins. All the relatives had come in the house. In the procession, the processions ate food at night. The ritual of tying the knot of seven rounds was completed. The doli of both the sisters who became brides was to rise this morning. But at the time of farewell, the happiness of marriage turned into mourning.

At the time of farewell, dowry greedy made a strange demand

The people of the groom’s side placed the demand of Rs 5 lakh and the bike. The people of the bride’s side expressed their inability to fulfill the demand. Angered, the groom’s side left the brides without bidding farewell. The family members, hurt by the incident, reached the Bayana police station with both the brides and lodged a complaint against the dowry greedy people. It has been told that Sushma Bharti and cousin princess were married to Gaurav and Pawan, both residents of village Rampura, Thana Garhi Bajna.

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The in-laws ran away after leaving the bride.

A bike, gold and silver jewelry, household items and furniture were given in dowry from the bride’s side. At the time of farewell of brides this morning, 21 thousand rupees were put in the cash plate. It is alleged that the boys’ father Jal Singh and Udai Singh demanded Rs 5 lakh, two gold chains, two gold rings and a bike in dowry. Bride Sushma Bharti told that the procession had come from Rampura. After not getting 5 lakh rupees, two gold chains, two gold rings and a bike, the in-laws left without bidding farewell.

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