Big news: Government increased fuel supply for gas distribution companies in cities, expected to reduce CNG-PNG prices

CNG-PNG Supply News: There is big news for you because...

CNG-PNG Supply News: There is big news for you because the price of CNG and PNG is expected to decrease in the country. In order to bring down the price of CNG and piped cooking gas (PNG), the government allocated some amount of natural gas from industry to city gas distribution companies. This decision was taken yesterday i.e. on Wednesday. 

The Petroleum Ministry, in a notification issued on Wednesday, amended an earlier order to gas distributors in the city to increase the allocation of domestically produced gas. The allocation for companies doing gas distribution in cities like MGL has been increased from 1.75 million cubic meters per day to 2078 million cubic meters per day.

Repeatedly rising gas prices
The gas distribution companies had complained about the arrangement of imported LNG at high prices, officials said. He said that due to this the prices of CNG and piped LPG are increasing again and again. The increased allocation will meet 94 per cent demand for piped LPG and CNG supply for vehicles in the country. Till now about 83 per cent of the demand was met through it and the remaining allocation was met through import of LNG by GAIL.

How low gas prices will be
Under the earlier arrangement, GAIL used to supply LNG on the basis of average price of domestically available gas. This puts the price at $10.58 per unit for the current month. After the revision, the gas price will come down to $7.5 per unit. GAIL will increase supply to gas distributors in cities by reducing allocation to LPG and petrochemical plants.

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