Bihar Hooch Tragedy: 8 People Died From Poisonous Liquor In Chapra Many People Lost Their Eyesight Ann

Chhapra In Chapra, Bihar, 8 people have died due to...

Chhapra In Chapra, Bihar, 8 people have died due to Poisonous Liquor in 24 hours. After the puja on Wednesday, a dozen people of the village drank alcohol. The health of more than 30 people is said to be bad, out of which 11 people have lost their eyesight. In this case, Chhapra District Magistrate Rajesh Meena has confirmed the death of eight people from ABP News on Friday. The District Magistrate had also reached the village along with the team on Thursday. During this, it was also said that prima facie death is being caused by drinking poisonous liquor. Is being investigated.

The border areas of Saran’s Makar, Bheldi, Parsa and Amnaur police stations belong to Bhatta Toli of Phulwaria village. This area comes under Maker police station and this is the whole incident. At present, more than a dozen people are admitted in PMCH of Patna, while some people are undergoing treatment at Chapra Sadar Hospital. The list of eight people who have died has also come.

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the names of the dead

  • Chandan Mahato, Father- Paras Mahato
  • Kamal Mahato, Father- Kansi Mahato
  • Dhanilal Mahato, Father- Vijay Mahato
  • Rajnath Mahato, Father- Poshan Mahato
  • Chandeshwar Mahato, Father- Ramayana Mahato
  • Omnath Mahato, Father- Bharos Mahato
  • Sakaldeep Mahto, Father- Bharos Mahto
  • Chandeshwar Mahato, Father- Vilas Mahato

11 people lost their eyesight

Those who lost their eyesight include Sakaldeep Mahto, Bharosa Mahto, Upendra Mahto, Dhani Mahto, Chandeshwar Mahto, Deva Nand Mahto, Prem Mahto, Supan Mahto, Akhilesh Mahto, Lakhan Mahto, Bholi Mahto. Five people are being treated at Sadar Hospital. Here, Superintendent of Police Santosh Kumar said that the investigation is going on in relation to the incident. Police is doing its job. The inspection of the matter is going on.

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