Patna: After the Iftar party organized by different political parties in Bihar last month, the political complexion of the state is also looking like a change these days. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was so immersed in the color of Iftar party that he reached the Iftar party of Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav on foot. It was even said that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar could change sides again. Now for a few days, politics has started again on many issues ranging from caste census. Chirag Paswan has called it a big sign.

Chirag Paswan said that the manner in which Chief Minister Nitish Kumar walked in the Leader of Opposition’s Iftar party, this topic is a little important. Because in the same way in 2004, Sonia Gandhi walked on foot to my leader Ram Vilas Paswan’s residence. At that time India Shining was going on and we all saw how the UPA One government was formed at that time.

Chirag said that from 2017 to 2022, it was never seen that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had gone on foot in any iftar, in some curd-chura or in any kind of program. Not only on foot, but an hour-long meeting with the Leader of the Opposition is certainly a big sign. I have been saying time and again that there will be mid-term elections in Bihar.

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Chirag said that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today feels that special status is necessary. In 2017, when the alliance changed overnight, did not raise that demand. This demand was not raised during the Lok Sabha elections in 2019. This demand was not raised during the 2020 assembly elections. I also support caste census. When demands arise at such a time, then somewhere it also happens that the distance from the alliance has to be increased.

,no employmentno corruption,

Further said that my vision document ‘Bihar First Bihari First’ means a lot to me. I have entered the politics of Bihar with the resolve to make Bihar a developed state. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar works hard to prepare a new chair to save his chair. Who is talking about 19 lakh jobs in Bihar? Who is talking about increasing corruption?

Chirag said- “I have come out with a shroud on my head, my fight is very long. When you fight a long battle, there is no difference in making small and big sacrifices in the middle.” This time in the 2020 elections, the people of Bihar put at least one thing very clearly that they do not want Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, if they wanted, the mandate would not have come against them. There is no third party. Most of the candidates do not lose their elections. If the Leader of Opposition, Chief Minister, both come together in an alliance and contest the elections, then the question that will arise on their credibility, how much the public will support them, it will tell the election result.

old relationship with prashant kishore

Regarding Prashant Kishor and Mukesh Sahni, Chirag said that we have a very old relationship with both. Chirag said that whether Prashant Kishor is thinking of contesting elections or not, but I will definitely welcome him. I definitely know that he is also one of the people who think of development by rising above caste, religion, religion. Prashant Kishor was instrumental in forming the government of the Grand Alliance in 2015. If in such a situation he comes into active politics, then I will certainly welcome him.

Regarding the presidential election, Chirag said that before this, it is necessary to re-determine the nature of the alliance. Because such constituents who have those voters who can play an important role in the presidential election, it is necessary to clear their line. There is an important general election before the presidential election in 2024. Chirag said- “I do not believe that elections will be held in 2025, I believe that there will be intermediate elections and will happen much earlier. Surely before July, both strange things will happen in Bihar politics.”

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