Bizarre Bowling Action George Mcmenemy England Village Cricket Video Goes To Viral | Video: People are surprised to see the action of this bowler, the bowler himself said

George McMenemy bowling action: Cricket, one of the popular sports...

George McMenemy bowling action: Cricket, one of the popular sports around the world, has crores of fans. This is the reason why people like to watch this game and know about it a lot. Many videos of cricket field are becoming increasingly viral on social media. In these videos, either a batsman gets out in a strange way or a bowler is seen bowling with a unique action.

video viral on social media
Recently, a video of a cricket field is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This video has created a buzz on social media. All cricket lovers are trying to find out the bowler’s bowling action by watching this video. The name of this strange action bowling is George McMenemy.

the worst cricketer
McMenemy considers himself the worst cricketer in the world. In the viral video, it can be seen that before bowling, he dances first and then after keeping the ball in his hands for a few steps, throws it. In such a situation, the batsman does not hit the ball properly and the ball falls directly to him.

shared my own video
Sharing a video of his bowling action on social media, George wrote, “Friends, I may be an idiot, I may be the worst cricketer in the world, but this game has saved my life, my mental health.” has enriched me and has given me a platform to be happy and try again. May my mother feel proud in heaven. cricket i love you

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