BJP MLA KS Eswarappa Receiving A Threat Letter Saying His Tongue Will Be Cut Off | Karnataka: BJP leader Eshwarappa received a threatening letter in Karnataka, wrote

BJP MLA Threat Letter: In Karnataka, BJP MLA KS Eshwarappa...

BJP MLA Threat Letter: In Karnataka, BJP MLA KS Eshwarappa has received a threatening letter threatening to cut off his tongue. This letter has reached his house by post. In this letter written in Kannada language, an unknown person has threatened to cut off the tongue of former minister Ishwarappa. It is written in the letter that if he once more called Tipu Sultan a Muslim goon, then his tongue would be cut off.

Eshwarappa’s personal assistant has demanded action on this matter. Apart from this, a complaint has also been lodged with the threatening letter to the Superintendent of Police. Responding to this matter, Superintendent of Police BM Lakshmi Prasad has said that we had only information, now we are waiting for the complaint. We have not received the letter yet.

Tipu Sultan was called a goon

In the month of February this year, Bajrang Dal activist Harsh was murdered. After this, communal tension in the city also increased. Expressing displeasure against this, BJP leader KS Eshwarappa often used the words Muslim Goons. Responding to this matter, he has said that I had called Tipu Sultan a Muslim goonda. That’s why those people will bite my tongue. Even before this I had received a threatening call from Dubai.

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