Black Box Data Revealed That China Eastern Jet Was Intentionally Crashed

China Jet Crash: Shocking information has come out about a...

China Jet Crash: Shocking information has come out about a plane crash in China earlier this year. According to the report of the Wall Street Journal, it is being told that the crashed China Eastern jet was intentionally crashed, in which 9 crew members including all 123 passengers on board the plane were killed.

A Wall Street Journal report is saying that an investigation of a black box recovered from the plane’s wreckage has revealed that someone in the cockpit intentionally crashed the jet. In addition, an official involved in the initial investigation by US officials has told Reuters that they did not indicate any technical fault during the investigation, after which the focus has been on the tasks of the crew.

It is being claimed in the report that the plane had reached an altitude of 9 thousand feet in less than 3 minutes from a height of 29 thousand feet. After 20 seconds of which he was at an altitude of 3 thousand feet, the report states that it takes more than 30 minutes to come down from such a height. In such a situation, someone inside the cockpit of the plane intentionally forced the plane to fall rapidly. At present, the US National Transportation Safety Board has not commented on this.

Let us tell you that in the month of March, a Boeing 737-800 plane going from Kuoming to Guangzhou had become a victim of an accident after falling from a sudden height in the hills of Guangxi. 123 passengers and nine crew members died in this plane crash. Which was described as a major plane crash in China during the last three decades.

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