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Bollywood Actress Leela Mishra Biography – One must remember a famous scene of the film Sholay when Veeru, standing on a water tank (film Sholay Dharmendra) asks aunty ji to marry Basanti (Hema Malini). Who can forget this scene? This aunt is none other than Bollywood actress Leela Mishra. You must have seen Leeli Mishra in films while playing the role of mother, aunt, aunty, maternal grandmother and grandmother, but most people recognize her less than her real name than the name of Sholay’s aunt. Very few people know things related to the life and films of this great actress. Leela, who acted in more than 200 films for 5 decades, never watched films as she believed that spending money on tickets and taxis was futile. Better yet, she would prefer to recite Ramayana at home. He worked in many blockbuster films in his film career. Which includes the 1975 film Sholay, Dil Se Mile Dil, Geet Gaata Chal, Nadiya Ke Paar, Abodh. She received the Best Actress Award for Nani Maa.

acting in movies

Whatever character Leela played in the film, she would breathe life into it. The fast paced dialogues, his style of speaking and the style of facial expressions while speaking made a home in the hearts of the people. Leela acted in more than one film. When Leela reached the set of the film for the first time, she wore a pallu on her head, she reached the set in the country style of the village. Going ahead, the pallu on the head became his signature style. She used to work in films, but she did not even recognize most of the stars, once on the sets of a film when she was acting with Kaka i.e. Rajesh Khanna, she did not know with whom the film was made. She is acting in that time she is the superstar Rajesh Khanna. Leela used to do her own business.

Leela’s personal life

Leela was born on 1 January 1908 in the Zamindar family of Agra. Leela’s education was not written, so her parents soon got her married at the age of 12. Her husband’s name was Ramprasad Mishra and at the age of 18 she had also become the mother of two children. Leela may have belonged to an orthodox family, but her husband Ramprasad was a free-spirited person. He used to visit Mumbai frequently. He loved cinema a lot, so whenever he got a chance, he used to do silent roles in many films. Belonging to the Orthodox family, Leela has been very religious from the beginning. Once upon a time, when a friend of Ramprasad’s uncle Sinde went to his house, when he saw Leela for the first time, he said that he should work in films, but Leela refused to accept his point clearly. In such a situation, when her husband convinced her to work in films, then she agreed to work in films.

film journey

Both (Leela and her husband Ramprasad) worked together in a film ‘Sati Silochana’ in 1936. For this film, Ramprasad used to get 150 rupees a month, while Leela used to get 500 rupees for a month in this film. Leela used to get double the money from Ramprasad because female actors were less in films in those days. He worked in many great films like ‘Chitralekha’, ‘Rambaan’, ‘Sheeshmahal’, ‘Awara’, ‘Daag’, ‘Pyasa’, ‘Lavanti’, ‘Leader’, ‘Bahu Begum’ and ‘Amar Prem’.

film work condition

There were only two conditions for working in Leela’s films, the first was that she would not do romantic roles in any film and the second condition was that she would never remove her head pallu. Leela was surprised to see that doing intimate scenes with the hero in films was called the demand of the film. Leela flatly refused to do romantic scenes in films. He refused to work as a lead role in many romantic films.


People liked his unique style and way of speaking dialogues. He was highly appreciated for his performance in the film Jai Maa Santoshi. She also received the Best Actress Award for this film. Apart from the Hindi film industry, Leela also acted in Bhojpuri films. He died at the age of 80 due to heart attack. She will always be alive in the hearts of people with her best performance.

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