Bollywood Suniel Shetty Wait For 9 Years To Marry A Muslim Girl

Suniel Shetty Mana Shetty Love Story: The love life of...

Suniel Shetty Mana Shetty Love Story: The love life of veteran actor Sunil Shetty has been very interesting. It is said that often love happens at first sight. Something similar happened with actor Suniel Shetty as well. When Sunil Shetty saw Mana for the first time, he was giving her heart at first sight. However, they had to wait 9 long years to get married. This is because the one whom Sunil was in love with was from a Punjabi-Muslim family and Sunil’s family was not ready for this marriage.

Actor Suniel Shetty first saw his wife Mana at a pastry shop in Malabar Hill, Mumbai. On seeing Mana, he was so impressed by her that he could give her heart. Sunil had decided at the same time that he was made just for him. To talk about his heart with Mana, Sunil took help from Mana’s sister and after that both of them met at a party given by a friend of Sunil. After the party, Sunil took Mana on a bike ride. After this, both of them told their hearts to each other and agreed to support each other for the rest of their lives.

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Suniel Shetty belonged to the Bant community of Karnataka and Mana belonged to a Punjabi-Muslim family. His father named him Monisha Qadri. The different religion of both came in the middle of their marriage. The families of both of them felt that due to different religion their marriage would not last long and because of this both their families were against the marriage, but after 9 years of struggle, both their families agreed and 25 In December 1991, the two became each other’s lifelong companions.

Sunil’s first film Balwan was released in 1992, the very next year of marriage and since then Sunil never looked back. Both have also celebrated their thirtieth wedding anniversary and even today they live as if there is a new couple.

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