Budget 2023-24: Central trade unions expressed strong objection by writing a letter to the Finance Minister regarding the virtual pre-budget meeting!

Budget 2023-24: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is holding a pre-budget...

Budget 2023-24: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is holding a pre-budget meeting with different stakeholders regarding the budget to be presented for the financial year 2023-24. Even after the end of the Corona epidemic, this meeting is happening virtually. A virtual meeting is also going to be held with the trade unions on November 28, 2022, regarding which the country’s major unions have expressed strong opposition. 

Protest expressed by writing a letter to the Finance Minister 
The central trade unions have written a letter to the Finance Minister expressing their unhappiness over the virtual pre-budget meeting. In the letter, these unions have told the Finance Minister that this meeting has been called in a virtual manner despite complete relaxation in the restrictions of Corona. These unions have also objected to the fact that 12 trade unions are participating in the pre-budget consultation, yet only 75 minutes have been fixed for the meeting. It has been written in the letter that according to the Ministry of Labor, there are a total of 12 trade unions in the country and if the opening speech is added according to custom, then each trade union was given 5 minutes or less to present its point of view. is. 

Demand for physical meeting 
Central Trade Unions to the Finance Minister with key stakeholders like labor organizations who represent the most productive section of the society, who actually contribute to the GDP and the economy We are creating the biggest value in such a situation, to what extent it is rational in a democratic governance system. In such a situation, we express our strong protest against the customs approach from the government. The trade unions have urged to reconsider the decision and have requested the finance minister to hold face-to-face talks with proper time-allotment for effective consultation in the pre-budget meeting with the trade unions. 

The meeting will be held only for 75 minutes 
This letter to the Finance Minister, 10 organizations including INTUC (INTUC), AITUC (HMS) and CITU (CITU) written on the side. A pre-budget meeting with trade unions has been called on 28 November 2022 from 11 am to 12.15 pm. 

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