Bundi Police In Action For Jamming The National Highway, Case Registered Against 39, 5 Arrested Ann

Bundi News: The action of the Bundi Police has been...

Bundi News: The action of the Bundi Police has been seen in the Jaipur-Kota National Highway jam case, demanding the removal of the gravel royalty block of the Mineral Department at Basauli block of Bundi. The police have registered a case against 39 people who blocked the road. On the other hand, in this case, the Hindoli police have arrested 5 people.

For the arrest of the protesters, teams have been formed under the leadership of Additional SP, which is raiding from place to place and arresting the accused. It is worth noting that thousands of supporters, including former BJP MLA Prahlad Gunjal from Kota North, sat jamming the highway for 15 hours at Basoli Mor. After which the police had lathi-charged the supporters including the former MLA on Tuesday morning and opened the jam.

15 Huge trouble to the general public due to hourly jam
Protesters had blocked the national highway at 3 pm on Monday demanding the removal of royalty block. Which remained jammed till 6 am on Tuesday. Due to the sudden jam, the movement had to be stopped for 15 hours. Long queues of vehicles formed on the four lanes. The public kept getting worried. Vehicles going from Kota to Bundi had to come to Bundi from Keshavrai Patan Mega Highway.

Whereas people going from Jaipur to Kota or Bundi had to come from many routes like Barodia village. SP Jai Yadav told that the royalty block is engaged as per the rules. Suddenly there was a jam which caused a lot of trouble to the people. We registered a case against the people by getting videography done on the spot. Will not allow law and order to be disturbed in anyone’s condition.

Bajri Naka has been installed on the order of the court
On the other hand, District Collector Renu Jaipal has said on the entire dispute that according to the order of Directorate of Mines and Geology, Udaipur, from 6 July 2021, the High Court order dated 31 May 2019 for the prevention of illegal mining / release of gravel from rivers in the state. In order to prevent illegal issuance of mineral gravel in the cradle, under Rule 60 of Rajasthan Minor Mineral Concession Rules 2017, a check post has been established on National Highway-52 near Basoli Mode Sathoor village from March 28, 2022, as per rules.

District Collector Renu Jaipal told that no irregularity is being done at the check post. According to the rules, Ravanna, E-Ravanna, TP of vehicles loaded with gravel are checked and action is being taken as per rules if illegal issuance is found.

Demand to remove royalty block from Basoli Mor and suspend CI
Former MLA Prahlad Gunjal said that the movement will not stop on the basis of sticks, the voice does not stop with sticks. He said that the mafia in whose shelter the Gehlot government has been, how can it remove them from here. At the time when the pilot was in danger of toppling the government, at that time this gravel mafia had fed chicken biryani to the minister MLA of the government at Seven Star Hotel. Whose government is paying the duty.

Gunjal alleged that with the connivance of the government and the administration, these mafia are collecting Rs 650 per tonne of gravel there. He said that 80 tonnes of gravel is being carried on 38 tonnes of Ravanna. He said that this naka has been set up illegally. On opposing these mafia, people are hanged upside down and beaten up by the police and mafia.

Therefore, there is a demand to suspend the CI and remove the block. Former MLA Prahlad Gunjal says that now this fight is not going to stop. The fight will go ahead, we will again talk to the people here after 3-4 days and will come here in four times more numbers.

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