Canada Vacancy: Eat toffee everyday, take home Rs 61 lakh a month

Large Number of Applications: Getting the best rank job is...

Large Number of Applications: Getting the best rank job is the dream of every person. For which people work hard too. But in the meantime, the vacancy issued by a Canadian company has attracted the attention of the people in the country and the world, because the Canadian candy production company has recruited the Chief Candy Officer. According to which eating about 117 candies every day has to tell its taste. There are also suggestions for changing the taste of candy. For this the company will pay a salary of Rs 61 lakh.

Candy Funhouse in Canada produces large quantities of candy. The one who has taken out the vacancy of Chief Candy Officer here. The person working on it has to taste the candy. How does candy taste? How can I make candy taste better? This will be the main function of the Chief Candy Officer. Odd-o-poor, this job has caught the attention of people all over the country and the world. The person working in this post will get salary of Rs.61 lakh per month.

Five year olds can also become Chief Candy Officer

This vacancy is not only for adults. Rather, children of five years can also apply for the post of Chief Candy Officer. Parents of children can also apply. The rule is equal for all. Just eat at least 117 candies throughout the day and give your suggestions. Jameel Hejaji, CEO of Candy Funhouse, says that the advertisement released on social media has got a good response. A large number of people are applying. Everyone is desperate to become the Chief Candy Officer and get a good salary.

Vacancy has gone viral on social media

This vacancy has gone viral on social media. The viral spread area is not only Canada. Rather, people in other countries are also giving its response. People are also making various comments about this job from their respective social media accounts.

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