Cerebral Aneurysm: Chinese President Xi Jinping is suffering from a dangerous brain disease. In fact, media reports claim that Xi Jinping is currently suffering from a serious brain disease, Cerebral Aneurysm. It is being said that to get rid of this disease, doctors had advised surgery, but Jinping is getting his treatment only with traditional Chinese medicines.

According to the report, President Xi Jinping has been suffering from this for the last several months. Due to this, he had to be admitted to the hospital in December 2021. Let us tell you that the news of Xi Jinping’s poor health has come to the fore many times. There has already been speculation about Xi’s health. The speculation intensified when the president refused to meet with any foreign leaders until the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Earlier in March 2019, during Xi Jinping’s visit to Italy, he was having trouble walking. His manner of walking was seen to be unusual. Later in France during the same tour, Xi was having trouble walking. At that time he was in need of support to sit.

Apart from this, in the year 2020, he was seen coughing while addressing a rally in Shenzhen. In the same rally, he was giving a speech in a low voice, while that day he reached the stage late. These are many reasons which were pointing towards their poor healthcare.

What is cerebral or brain aneurysm

The weakening of a blood vessel in the brain from one side to bloating like a balloon is called cerebral or brain aneurysm. This disease can occur in any part of the brain. This disease can also happen to a person of any age. Amunum affects individuals who are 50 years of age and above. Especially people who have high blood pressure, genetically weakened nerves, infection, injury and brain damage or tumors are more prone to this disease.

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