Champawat School Mid-day Meal Cast Row Now Dm Visited The Place | Uttarakhand: Controversy arose in Champawat’s school over mid-day meal, know

Uttarakhand Mid-Day Meal Row: The dispute arose over the refusal...

Uttarakhand Mid-Day Meal Row: The dispute arose over the refusal of some students of class VI to VIII to take mid-day meal in the Government Secondary School of Sukhidhang area in Tanakpur of Champawat district of Uttarakhand, for the time being after the intervention of the officials, the dispute arose. Has gone. Champawat’s Chief Education Officer Jitendra Saxena said on Saturday that the parents of the students told the high officials of the district, including the District Magistrate, that the reason for the children’s refusal to eat mid-day meal was not caste, but their dislike for rice.

A controversy erupted in a government school in Uttarakhand after several upper caste students boycotted the mid-day meal prepared by a Dalit cook. Prem Singh, the headmaster of the school in Champawat district, said on Friday that around 7-8 students have again refused to eat the food cooked by Sunita Devi.

District Magistrate himself reached the school

After this, the District Magistrate of Champawat, the Sub-Collector of Tanakpur himself went to the school on Friday, where the parents of the children of class VI to VIII were also called and asked the reason for the refusal of food. On the other hand, Chief Education Officer of Champawat, Saxena said that the parents of the children who refused to eat said that their children do not eat rice even at home, while pulses, vegetables and rice are available in the mid-day meal.

He said, “We explained to the children that if they do not eat rice, then eat pulses and vegetables, but sit and eat food with everyone in school. We officers also sat and ate food with the school principal and children. He said that the children are not refusing to eat the food cooked by the Dalit Bhojanmata, but the reason for their refusal is their lack of desire to eat rice. He told that there are nine such children, mostly girls. Five of these children have enrolled in class six only last month. The Chief Education Officer said that the District Magistrate has said that at present the code of conduct is in force in the district due to the by-elections and after its removal, it will be reviewed again that how much impact the explanation had on the children.

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There was a ruckus in December last year

Let us tell you that in December last year too, there was a dispute in the school over the mid-day meal, when the children allegedly refused to eat food from the hand of the Dalit food mother. In this regard, Saxena said that in response to the refusal of the general category children to eat food cooked by the scheduled caste mother Sunita Devi at that time, the scheduled caste children refused to eat food cooked by the general category food mother Vimala Devi. was declined.

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