Chhattisgarh Borewell Rescue Operation Condition Of Rahul Improves, CM Bhupesh Baghel Meet Rahul Today

Rahul Borewell News: Rahul, trapped in a borewell in Chhattisgarh...

Rahul Borewell News: Rahul, trapped in a borewell in Chhattisgarh for hours, has been taken out safely. However, due to being trapped in the borewell for more than a hundred hours, he was immediately admitted to the hospital. Where there is a slight improvement in his condition. Rahul has been kept under the supervision of the medical team. Rahul’s health is being monitored at Apollo Hospital. According to doctors, due to the presence of water in the feet for several days, bacterial infections have occurred in the skin at various places.

The doctor monitoring Rahul’s condition told that the blood test has been done. Sunil Kumar, Senior Consultant, Apollo said that some infection has also been found in the blood. It is necessary to keep it under observation for the next 7 days. Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel, who closely monitors Rahul’s rescue operation, will go to the hospital on Wednesday to meet Rahul and know his condition.

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